Stop Checking Your Account

Stop logging into your retirement accounts.

No, seriously.  Stop.

Determining if your balance has changed since yesterday is silly.  If it went up you feel artificially excited for a few moments.  If it went down, you’re going to be unhappy.  Yet neither case will have an impact on the 30+ year retirement you are planning for.

Most of us would be better off if our 401(k) / IRA had a 30 year lock up feature. Maybe even a 90% surrender charge if cashed in early.

If you have built yourself (either alone, or with the help of an advisor) a broadly diversified portfolio here is how often you should look at it:

  1. 0-35 years old: annual rebalance, semi annual review.
  2. 35-50 years old: semi annual rebalance, quarterly review
  3. 50-70 ½ years old: see #2
  4. 70+: see #2, but now you have to be cognizant of your RMDs

Stop overcomplicating things please.