Stop Checking Your Account

Stop logging into your retirement accounts. No, seriously.  Stop. Determining if your balance has changed since yesterday is silly.  If it went up you feel artificially excited for a few moments.  If it went down, you’re going to be unhappy.  Yet neither case will have an impact on the 30+ year retirement you are planning…

People Need Help Spending Money

As financial advisors we spend a ton of time collecting client’s goals for “the future”. I am certain that most financial planning software is literally overflowing with goals that clients will never bother to act on. Not because they can’t afford to, but because nobody is pushing them to pull the trigger. Can you imagine…

Things That Matter

Whatever is happening in the world right now may cause your retirement account’s value to fluctuate some, but will not likely impact your long term plan. That is, unless you decide to behave poorly

Investment Wanderlust

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” -Lao Tzu    My wife and I love to travel, but we approach it differently. She prefers following a strict itinerary. Her best case scenario involves coupling maximum predictability with minimum variability. She will spend months planning for a week long trip. Her…

The Characteristics of Good Financial Advice

Instantly accessible information has made seriously cynical consumers out of us all of us. Using our surgically connected devices, everything gets checked out. At this point, basic purchases require a forensic audit of every mention the item or service has ever had long before we are ready to commit.